Post Count Rebuilders 1.0.1

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    • 1.2
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    LSW Addon Framework (kèm trong file zip, up chính xác là ok)
    This is a super simple 2 file addon that will allow you to completely rebuild/recalculate user post counts based on current node settings.

    Sometimes I've noticed that if you change a forum to not count posts towards post counts, or to counts posts towards post counts, existing post counts aren't changed.

    This addon will fully check everything, and rebuild post counts based on the newer settings.

    It uses the deferred system available in xF. It also uses admin template TMC to modify the cache rebuilders template.

    To use, all you have to do is trigger the rebuild in the 'Rebuild Cache's' section of the Admin CP (found on the tools page).


    I could've sworn xF doesn't have one. I must've run all the rebuilders, and nothing changed. So, if xF does have one, I'll consider my time half-wasted (the other half was learning how to do this).